Rescues 1942


In 1942, Portuguese ships assisted the shipwrecked from more than a dozen ships in both the Atlantic and the Indian Oceans.

The first few months They will witness the impact of the attacks near the American coast, where U-boats took advantage of the lack of an effective defense system to cause a wave of destruction comparable only to the first months of the war. German submariners called it later the "second happy time".

It is also in this year that Mozambique -then a Portuguese colony -  sees the arrival of large numbers of shipwrecked people from ships trying to reach North Africa via the Cape route, since through the Mediterranean the chance to reach Egypt had become almost impossible. The Mozambique Channel became a hunting ground, first for Japanese submarines and, later, also for U-boats.


22-01-1942    The "João Corte Real" found survivors from the "Gandia"

07-07-1942    The "Almirante Sousa e Faro" picked the men from the "Dago"

27-03-1942    The "Cunene" found the survivors from the Norwegian "Svenør"

06-04-1942    Cunene and Lobito found crew members from de Norwegian Koll

27-05-1942    Crew from the Polyphemus rescued by the Maria Amélia and the Mirandella

07-06-1942    The NRP Gonçalves Zarco discovers castaways from Wilford

10-06-1942    The Argus found survivors from the Empire Clough

11-06-1942    Crew members from the Mahronda found by the Nacala

11-06-1942   Hellenic Trader survivors were towed by the Nacala

12-06-1942  Shipwrecked from the British Cliftonhall helped by Angoche II

06-07-1942  Avila Star castaways found by Portuguese Navy ships

19-07-1942 The San Miguel was found by the castaways of the Leonidas M.

10-08-1942 Medon castaways found by Luso

27-08-1942 The Pedro Nunes found survivors from the Clan Macwhirter

12-09-1942 Fifteen castaways from Trevilley found by Cubango

14-09-1942 The Cubango found thirteen castaways from the Breedijk

19-09-1942 Portuguese fishing boats saved HMT Alouette survivors

19-09-1942 The Mouzinho found the survivors of Baron Ogilvy

03-11-1942 The NRP Bartolomeu Dias found Dagomba survivors 

28-11-1942 The NRP Afonso de Albuquerque found 184 survivors from the Nova Scotia

30-11-1942 Survivors of the Greek Cleanthis found by the Lourenço Marques

02-12-1942 Amarylis survivors found by NRP Gonçalves Zarco




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