"Portugal 1939-1945" main objective is to bring to you stories about Portugal in WWII, being in many ways a continuity of previous projects of this author like the blog "Aterrem em Portugal!", or the book with the same name.

Over the years, as an enthusiast of history, I have accumulated documents and information that do not fit on the platforms that I have used until now, reason why "Portugal 1939-1945" was born also as a bilingual space trying to take to the world information that until now was circumscribed only to Portuguese speakers.

Despite the neutrality of Portugal, its history during this period is rich and complex, and we do not pretend to be able to tell it all in this space. It would be unrealistic. We promise, however, that the information found here will be based on facts of historical scope, supported by documents, interviews or other means. The possibility of errors will always exist, but we promise to correct them as soon as data that denies them appears.

You will not find in these pages the defence of political or religious ideologies. This is not ground for such disputes, which is why readers' comments - in the spaces where they are allowed - will be subject to prior scrutiny and, if they do not follow the rules, they will not pass into public space.


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