Aircraft 1942

In 1942, with the reinforcement of operations in diferent parts of the world, the Allies will lose a larger number of airplanes in Portugal. The increase of the military activity also has repercussions in the Portuguese colonies, espcially in the african territories,  where some crews also end tehir missions.

By the end of the year "Operation Torch" begins. The invasion of North Africa by the Anglo-American forces, not only  represents not only an increase in the number of landings but also the arrival of the first American planes in Portuguese territory. The first of them lands in Lisbon Airport and has an unexpected outcome. The pilot escapes the surveillance of the Portuguese military and escapes to Gibraltar with his plane.

Days latter five Aircobras will arrive in the country, begining a new portuguese Army Airforce Squadron: The very american "OK" outfit.

25-01-1942        Vickers Wellington IC                  Z9098 (⇓Sesimbra)

25 -01-1942?      Unkown RAF Aircraft                   ???    (⇓Olhão)

18-03-1942        Bristol Beaufort I                         W6474 (⇓Cabo Espichel, sea)

28-03-1942        Vickers Wellington IC                   DV503 (⇓Cabo Espichel, sea)

01-04-1942        Supermarine Spitfire                   BP906 (⇓Montemor)

04-04-1942        Bristol Beaufort I                         N1000 (⇓Caparica)

01-05-1942        Focke-Wulf FW 200  C4                W.Nr.0120 (⇓Apúlia)

30-05-1942        Vickers Wellington IC                   HX390 (⇓Vila do Conde)

16-06-1942        Bristol Beaufort                           AW303 (⇓Ericeira)

16-06-1942        Armstrong Whitworth Whitley     Z9291 (⇓Cape Sta Maria, Faro)

21-06-1942        Bristol Blenheim  V                      BA288 (⇓Lisbon)

23-06-1942        Bristol Beaufort I                         L9826 (⇓Caparica)

24-06-1942        DeHavilland DH-80 Puss Moth      ???    (⇓Angola)

12/08/1942       Bristol Beaufort                           DD953 (⇓Figueira da Foz)

14-08-1942        Vickers Wellington IC                  Z9026  (⇓Sintra)

27-08-1942        Vickers Wellington  IC                 HD967  (⇓Tavira)

16-09-1942        Lockheed Hudson  IIIA                 FH288  (⇓Guiné)

08-10-1942        Handley Page Halifax  II               DT493  (⇓Azambuja)

13-10-1942        Consolidated Catalina                  AH543 (⇓Mozambique) 

11-11-1942        Douglas C-47 Skytrain                 41-18353 (⇓Sea)

14-11-1942        Bristol Blenheim  V                     BA826 (⇓Lisbon)

15-11-1942        Lockheed P-38F Lightning          41-7587 (⇓Lisbon)

15-11-1942        Lockheed  P-38F Lightning         42-12738 (⇓Lisbon)

17-11-1942        Bristol Blenheim  V                     BA829 (⇓Serpa)

18-11-1942        Armstrong W. Withley Mk V        Z9160 (⇓Armação de Pêra)

09-12-1942        Lockheed Hudson III                   AE578 (⇓Sintra)

23-12-1942        Lockheed P-38F Lightning          42-12825 (⇓Quarteira)

27-12-1942        Bell P-400  Aircobra                   BX256 (⇓Vila do Conde)

27-12-1942        Bell P-39L / P-400 Aircobra        ???  (⇓Lisbon)

27-12-1942        Bell P-39L / P-400 Aircobra        ???  (⇓Lisbon)

27-12-1942        Bell P-39L / P-400 Aircobra        ???  (⇓Lisbon)

27-12-1942        Bell P-39L / P-400 Aircobra        ???  (⇓Lisbon)


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