Wellington (HX390) ditched killing two crew members

O Sunderland depois de ter amarado perto de Setúbal (Foto: Olinda Couceiro)

O Wellington that ditched near Vila do Conde
(Photo: J. Freguesia Vila Chã)










Vila do Conde (in the sea)

RAF      1 OADU

Vickers Wellington IC    HX390


Portreath (GB) → Egipto


P/O   J. P. Anstey                   GB

Sgt    H. Jakson                       GB

Sgt    M. H. Thompson             GB †

Sgt    J. W. Gould                    GB

Sgt    I. Wallace-Cox                GB

Sgt    John Gordon Daniels      GB †

The ditching happened because of engine trouble. The plane broke during the landing and Daniels and Thompson were killed. They where buried at St. James Cemetery, Oporto.

Gould and Jakson, wounded and with broken arms, climbed to one wing while Anstey and Wallace-Cox jumped into a dingy.

The landing was seen from land and a fishing boat from Vila Chã was able to rescue them. The serious wounded were taken to the hospital in Oporto. Anstey and Cox were sent to a military unit in Póvoa do Varzim, during three weeks, and then to Caldas da Rainha.

Both returned to England on the 12 July. Wallace-Cox was killed on July 27, 1943 and is buried in the UK in the Ashbourne Cemetry.

*Evade & Escape Report - National Archives/ London Kew
*Mário Canongia Lopes
*Bruno Costa