C-47 (41-18353) ditched near Portugal










In the sea near Portugal


Douglas C-47 Skytrain        41-18353


St. Eval (GB) → Algeria


Capt    D. O. Holingsworth       USA

T/Sgt   F. Judd                           USA

2 Lt     W. Crooks                      USA

Cpl     Le Roy Holingsworth    USA

P/O    H. Pederson                   Canadá


         3rd British Parachute Regiment

Sgt    T. W. Webster        GB

Sgt    W. Higson              GB

Cpl    J. Deasy                 GB

Cpl    A. McGinn              GB

Pte    E. W. Channon       GB         

Pte    Mackintosh            GB

Pte    W. Smith                 GB

Pte    Johnson                 GB

Pte    Thompson              GB

Pte    J. A. Twort              GB

The navigator was the Canadian Pederson from the RCAF, and the 107 Sqn. The Americans were lacking navigators at the time and there are many reports stating the presence of British navigators in American airplanes. Besides the four American crewmembers there were also ten men from the British 3rd Parachute Regiment.

The radio operator reported that there was jamming and confusion on the air and that he finally received signals wish missled him and they just travelled to far into the high sea.  When they discovered the error it was too late to reach land. Whit about 15 minutes of gas they located a ship and the pilot ditched the aircraft nearby. The backdoor flung open to the inside the fuselage, hitting and puncturing one of the dinghies. Four of the men jumped in one of the dinghies and five to another.

The other six men were taken from the aircraft by a small rescue boat that came from the Spanish vessel "Miraflores", on the way to Bilbao. The ship’s captain took some time to rescue them because he believed it was a German aircraft in maneuvers.

The aicraft crew was able convince the captain to leave them in Lisbon where they arrived on November 13. The Canadian and the Parachuters were taken to Hotel Europa and the Americans to the Swiss Atlantico.

The airmen were repatriated on November 15. The Parachuters returned home in a BOAC flight trough Poole (ireland) on the November 21, 1942.

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