Licença passada em Lisboa que autorizava aos marítimos portugueses o embarque em navios estrangeiros.



License issued in Lisbon authorized Portuguese seafarers to board foreign ships.

Hundreds of Portuguese served on foreign merchant ships during WWII. Some belonged to neutrals and other to belligerent countries, especially on the side of the Allies whose fleets were depleted from manpower due to the conflict.

All parts of the Portuguese empire supplied people who believed they could their living conditions, but the war would eventually take its toll in dead, wounded, and prisoners.

In this chapter of “Portugal 1939-1945” we will follow the stories from some of these men, whose trail is not always easy to find or follow…

Know their Stories:

Costa, Bernardino

    Crew member on the Ekatontarchos Dracoulis (Greece)  Birth place –  Birth date –  Death date –   Father – Mother – Bernardino Costa was a crew member of the Greek ship Ekatontarchos Dracoulis when it was torpedoed by U-44 west … Read more

Nogueira, Alberto

    Saylor on the ship Hedrun (Sweden) Birth place –  Birth date –  Death date –   Father – Mother – The Portuguese authorities received the information about the disappearance of Alberto Nogueira in January 1941, but the sailor’s fate … Read more

Teodoro, Francisco

    Ship – Stureborg (Sweden) Birth place – Lisboa Birth date –  Death date – Father –  Mother –  Francisco Teodoro died aboard the Swedish neutral freighter Stureborg, traveling under the flag of the International Red Cross, when – on 14 … Read more

Amaral, António

    Saylor in thw Ship Stureborg (Swedish) Birth place – Miulezas, (?) Birth date – (39 anos years) Death date –   Father – Mother – António Amaral was on board the neutral freighter Stureborg, from Sweden but traveling under … Read more

Costa, Augusto

    Ship: Cefalu (USA) Birth place –  Birth date –  Death date –   Father – Mother – Augusto Costa was a crew member on the American ship Cefalu in early 1943. Apart from a reference in the press to … Read more

Almaida, Salvador

    Ship: Nankin (England) Birth place – Goa Birth date – 05 /11 /1895 Death date –  Father – Mother – Salvador Almaida was a crew member of the British ship Nankin when it was boarded by the german auxiliary cruiser “Thor” on May 10, 1942. Ship and … Read more

Ferreira, Armando Augusto

    Quartermaster on the ship City of New York (USA) Birth place – Murça Birth date – 1903 Death date – 29/03/1942  Father /pai – Mother /mãe – Armando Augusto Ferreira died when the City of New York, the American … Read more

Sousa, António de

    Ship: Aneroid (Panama) Birth place –  Birth date –  Death date – 10/02/1942 Father – Mother – António de Sousa was a stoker aboard the Panamanian Aneroid, when the ship was attacked by U-175 on October 2, 1942, while en … Read more

Ferreria, Manuel

    Ship – Nimba (Panama) Birth place –  Birth date – 1892 Death date – 13/09/1942 Father –  Mother –  Manuel Ferreria was a stoker aboard the Nimba, a Panamanian ship with a multinational crew, torpedoed by U-515 on September 13, 1942, … Read more