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Crew member of the Faneromeni (Greece) 

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Joaquim Rodrigues was a stoker on board the Greek ship Faneromeni when it was torpedoed by the Japanese submarine I-37, in the Mozambique Channel. Although the merchant sank within a few minutes, after being hit by two torpedoes, only one death was recorded among the 38 crew.

The attack occurred at 6:25 am on October 23, 1943 and it is said that the explosion of the ship – which according to some sources was carrying explosives – was heard and felt in Angoche.

The Portuguese arrived on the coast of Mozambique in one of the two whaleboats that were launched into the sea. The arrival took place in the afternoon of the same day on a beach, still far from Angoche. The most seriously injured, a British man whose left arm was shattered by shrapnel, was laid under the sail of one of the lifeboats, while a group led by Rodrigues set out for Angoche. After crossing swamps and forest they reached their destination the next morning. 

The fact that there was a Portuguese among the newcomers made it possible to quickly gather a group of aid that included several indigenous people and also a doctor.

The trip to the beach was made in canoes. Upon arrival Rodrigues was displeased with the treatment given to the injured man who had been practically forgotten by his companions. For this reason, only the two returned in canoes while the rest - including the captain and another less seriously injured person - made their way through the forest.

The Brit – Archibald Cameron – saw his arm amputated in the hospital in Angoche. He was the last of the ship's crew to be repatriated, having flown to Durban on Christmas Day 1943.

Joaquim Rodrigues is referred to in some Allied documentation as Jack Rodrigues.


Carlos Guerreiro


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