Aircraft 1939-1941

The first aircraft arriving in Portugal bring French and Belgian airmen escaping form the Nazis right after the invasion of France in 1940. They will keep fighting the Germans in the Royal Air Force or in the Free French Forces (FFL).

After the occupation of northern France the Fw-200 Condor's start to appear more frequently in the Portuguese coastal areas. Using the local airfields,especially in Bordeaux/ Merignacc, the Luftwaffe extends its patrols right into the middle of the Atlantic searching for British shipping and convoys. News from attacks and fighting near the coast start to appear and some of these German planes finish their missions in Portuguese territory or nearby.

The British intention to reinforce their presence in the Mediterranean, Africa and Middle East using routes over or nearby the Portuguese aerial space. With the intensification of these movements, between the United Kingdom and the other operational areas, also the RAF looses some aircraft and crews in Portugal. The first of them lands during one of the most mortal cyclones that ever hit the country...

18-06-1940    Caudron C.630M Simoun          T-585         (⇓Ovar)

19-06-1940    A.N.F Les Mureaux 115R2B2    X-537         (⇓Montemor-o-Novo)

21-06-1940    Stampe & Vertongen SV-4        NSr:370      (⇓Alfândega da Fé)

09-02-1941    Focke-Wulf FW 200 C1            W.Nr.0003   (⇓Moura)

14-02-1941    Short Sunderland I                  P9623          (⇓Tróia)

01-05-1941    Bristol Beaufighter IC              T3229         (⇓Lisbon, sea)

16-05-1941    Vickers Wellington IC              T2572         (⇓São Pedro de Moel)

15-06-1941    Focke-Wulf FW 200 C3            W.Nr.0061     (⇓Amareleja)

20-06-1941    Vickers Wellington IC              X3211          (⇓Viana do Castelo ?)

13-07-1941    Vickers Wellington IC              Z8780          (⇓Esposende, sea)

17-07-1941    Bristol Blenheim IV                 Z7366          (⇓C. de Sta Maria, Faro)

27-08-1941    Bristol Blenheim IV                 Z7585          (⇓Caparica)

27-08-1941    Bristol Blenheim V                  Z7678          (⇓Aveiro)

01-11-1941    Fairey Fulmar II                       X8700         (⇓Culatra, Faro)

23-11-1941    Vickers Wellington II               Z8432          (⇓Lisbon)

17-12-1941    Bristol Beaufighter                  X7647          (⇓Tancos)

19-12-1941    Focke-Wulf FW 200 C3            W.Nr.0863    (⇓Sea)

28-12-1941    Lockheed Hudson                    AE641          (⇓Sea)


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