Wellington (Z8780) exploded over the sea near Esposende

 William Bernard Oakes

William Bernard Oakes
(Picture ceded by Ian Garth)










Esposende (no mar/on the sea)

RAF    OADU                                        

Vickers Wellington IC  Z8780


Portreath (GB) → Gibraltar


Sgt.     William Bernard Oakes       GB †

Sgt.     Henry Gerald Peel              Canada †

Sgt.     Colin James Dixon              GB †

Sgt.     Trevor Vaughan Davies       GB †

Sgt.     Derek Cecil Haynes            GB †

Sgt.     Stephen Thomas Mcneil     Canada †

The plane was seen by the population of Esposende in flames before crashing into the sea where it sank completely destroyed.

Remains of the dismembered crew were collected in the following days and gathered at the local fire station. What was found fit into a coffin that was buried in St. James cemetery, in oporto, in a single grave.

The funeral was attended by Allied officers and an honor guard was formed by Portuguese forces.

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