Rescues 1939 – 1941

The first Portuguese ship to find shipwrecked sailors wrecked by belligerent fire was Carvalho Araújo a few days after the declarations of war. Men of the "Manaar" were collected by the Portuguese passenger ship and also by a foreign ship that, curiously, also left its survivors in the port of Lisbon.

In the following months hundreds of men would arrive, especially, in the Portuguese capital, in the Azores and Cape Verde, in the majority of cases using their own means or left by naval units belonging to other countries. A survey of all these cases will be presented as soon as possible, but for now and in this listing, you will only find a list of rescues made by Portuguese ships.

During World War II there were other shipwrecks that received help from Portuguese ships, but in these listings we only refer to the disasters occurred following acts of war.

07-09-1939    The "Carvalho Araújo" rescued "Manaar's" crew members

07-07-1940    The "Alferrarede" finds the survivors of the "Lucrecia"

07-10-1940    The “Ana I” rescued the crew from the Greek “Aghios Nicolaos”

08-10-1940    The "Serpa Pinto" picked up the survivors of "Antonios Chandris"

16-09-1940    The destroyer "Dão" searching for the "British Fame"

20-03-1941    The "Nyassa" picked up 23 survivors from the British "Andaluzian"

25-04-1941    "Gorgulho" picked up survivors from the "Aurillac"

04-05-1941    "Angola" found survivors from the "Wray Castle"

07-05-1941    "Mirandella" found the shipwrecked from the "Queen Maud"

10-05-1941    Shipwrecked from "Martin Pecheur" picked up by "Ás de Paus" and "Pátria e Liberdade"

23-05-1941    The "Ganda" found survivors from the "British Grenadier"

31-05-1941    "Tarrafal" picked up 85 survivors from "Clan Macdougall"

15-06-1941    Shipwrecked from "Djurjura" picked up by "Malange"

19-06-1941    The "Maria Terceiro" picked up the crew of "Empire Warrior"

10-07-1941    The "Santa Princesa" found survivors from the "Designer"

16-07-1941    The "Sultana" found shipwrecked from the "Auditor" near Cape Verde islands

24-07-1941    The "Saudades" found crew members from the "Holmside"

25-07-1941    Two lifeboats from the "Ida Knudsen" found by "Altair"

06-08-1941    "África Ocidental" and "Maria Leonor" found castaways from "Horn Shell"

11-08-1941    Destroyer "Vouga" picks up the Germans from "Frankfurt"

14-08-1941    Shipwrecked from "Sud" picked by "Alferrarede"

25-09-1941    The "Gronelândia" picked up the castaways from the "Trinidad"

28-12-1941    The "Congo" picked up the crew of a RAF airplane

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