Search & Rescue

The first Portuguese ship to find shipwrecked sailors wrecked by belligerent fire was Carvalho Araújo a few days after the declarations of war. Men of the “Manaar” were collected by the Portuguese passenger ship and also by a foreign ship that, curiously, also left its survivors in the port of Lisbon.

In the following months and years hundreds of men would arrive, especially, in the Portuguese capital, in the Azores and Cape Verde, in the majority of cases using their own means or left by naval units belonging to other countries. A survey of all these cases will be presented as soon as possible, but for now and in this listing, you will only find a list of rescues made by Portuguese ships.

During World War II there were other shipwrecks that received help from Portuguese ships, but in these listings we only refer to the disasters occurred following acts of war.

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