The Luftwaffe Condor (W. Nr. 0003) lands in Moura










Moura - Alentejo

Luftwaffe      2/KG40

Focke-Wulf FW 200 C1   W.Nr.0003


Bordeaux/ Cognac Merignac  → Bordeaux/ Cognac Merignac


Oblt         Erich Adam             German

Uffz         Paul Hecht              German

Ofw         Dietrich Gropp        German

Uffz         Kurt Dreier             German

Oberl       Erich Grasberger     German

Uffz         Herbert Pluntke      German

The crew abandoned and burned the aircraft after the landig. In the wreckage of the plane the Portuguese authorities found some bullet holes suggesting the participation in a combat. In fact the aircraft had met with the HMS Deptford and was hit by AA fire.

The crew was captured the next day in a farm near Moura where they stayed waiting for new orders. They disappeared in the morning of 21 February 1941, escaping to Spain with the help of German nationals living in the border area.

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