Fernandes, Domingo



Ship: Nankin (England)

Birth place – Goa
Birth date – 15 /08 /1895

Death date – 
Father –
Mother –

Prisoner card of Domingo Fernandes

Domingo Fernandes was a crew member of the British ship Nankin when it was boarded by the german auxiliary cruiser "Thor" on May 10, 1942.

Ship and crew were imprisoned and taken to Japan.

The crew and some passengers were sent to various internment camps. 

Besides Domingo Fernandes other Portuguese nationals with origin in Goa were also on board, namely, Salvador Almaida, John Manuel Barboza, José Brasso, José Cruz, John D`Costa, Paulo D`Cruz, Gregori D`Silva and José Fernandes.

The ship remained in the Yokohama port until November 30 of the same year, when it exploded during a supply operation.

Fernandes survived his japanese captivity, being released on September 2, 1945.

António Fragoeiro

Prisoner card of Domingo Fernandes (back)