Spitfire (BP906) makes a emergêncy landing in Montemor










São Cristovão (Montemor)

RAF    1 PRU

Supermarine Spitfire    BP906


Trebelzue (GB) → Cairo


Sgt     J. M. Sabourin    GB

The pilot was on the way to Cairo to join 2 PRU (Photographic Reconnaissance Unit). The aircraft had engine problems over Spain. During his briefing in England he had been ordered to land in Portugal if there were sometrouble. He changed the route and crossed the border. He first thought of landing in Évora airfield but he gave up the idea believing there would no time to destroy the aircraft. So he landed in a field near São Cristovão and burned the plane. Local people escorted him to the International Police (PVDE). He arrived in Lisbon on April 3, where he was taken to a hotel and visited the city in civilian clothes. He returned to England in a BOAC flight on April 5.

* Evade & Escape Report - National Archives/ London Kew
* Trebelzue ORB - National Archives/ London Kew