Hudson (FH288) ended his patrol in Portuguese Guinea










Bolama - Guiné

RAF    200 SQN

Lockheed Hudson  IIIA      FH288


Freetown/ Seerra Leone → Freetown/ Seirra Leone


P/O    Richard John Weatherhead      Canada

P/O    William Christian Zapfe            Canada

WO     Frank Spino                             Canada

WO     Clarance Lummis Copping        Canada

The crew was returning from a convoy escort when they caught a strong storm and had to make one emergency landing in the Portuguese Guinea, where they were interned until September 30, 1942.

They were sent in the Ship "Mello" to Lisbon and arrived in Portugal on 15 October. On the 22nd  they were sent home in a BOAC Flight.

The entire crew went missing on March 23, 1943, when flying Fortress FK209, over the Bay of Biscay. In their last comunication they stated that they were under attack. It was probably Oblt. Hermann Horstmann from 13/KG40 that shot them down.

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