Shipwrecked from the British Cliftonhall helped by Angoche II

Information published in the newspaper "Notícias" from Lourenço Marques
(Notícias, 19 de junho de 1942)

Angoche II



On June 13, 1942, 41 castaways from the Cliftonhall - sunk the day before by the Japanese submarine I-16 - entered the city of António Enes, in Mozambique. It is not clear whether they reached the coast by their own means or with the help of a Portuguese vessel. British documentation states that it was the Angoche II motorboat that towed them to the village, a news item published in a local newspaper and other sources suggest they arrived alone.

In António Enes they were housed in private houses and with the manager of the Companhia Colonial de Angoche, which welcomed a large number of them. Food, clothing and shoes were distributed and the injured, none of them seriously, received medical treatment from the local doctor.

After a week the crew were sent to Lourenço Marques and repatriated to South Africa on one of the many ships that docked there.

Cliftonhall was torpedoed on June 12, at 1 pm, by the Japanese submarine I-16. Two men died in the explosion.

C. G.


Type: Motor Merchant
Tonnage: 5063 gt
Owner: West Hartlepool Steam Navigation Co. Ltd.

Built: Doxford W. & Sons, GB


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