Alpha’s crew members

The sinking of the Alpha registered in the Admiraty's War Diary

On July 15, 1940, the Portuguese ship ALPHA was sunk in the English Channel by German aircraft. There were 21 crew on board and all of them survived.

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José Ferreira de Oliveira Master
José Dias Laranjeira Chief officer
Francisco Silvestre  2nd Pilot
Cândido Cruz First Officer
José Gageira Able Seaman
António de Oliveira Able Seaman
Pedro Lopes Able Seaman
João Charrão Steward’s Boy
Renato Ricardo Steward’s Boy
António Cruz Paiva Senior Engineer
Horácio Santos Simões 2nd Engineer
Álvaro Santos Alves 3rd Engineer
António Pedroso Fireman
António Cunha Fogueiro Fireman
José Santos Fogueiro Fireman
Francisco Beato Purser
António Silva Purser
João Brito Namorado Chief Cook
José Maria Assistant Cook
Henrique dos Reis Steward
João Silva Steward