Rosa, Jacinto (and family)



Civilian living in France

Birth place – Chãos, Santarém
Birth date – ??/??/1905

Death date – 21/04/1944
Father – Manuel Rosa
Mother – Conceição Josefa

Jacinto Rosa, his wife Júlia José da Conceição and their two children, both born in France - Armando Rosa (born 26-07-19389) and Geneviève Rosa (born 26-02-1939) - died when their house where they slept, on Rue de Eugenie, in the zone of Saint-Denis, on the outskirts of Paris, was bombed by the Allies on the night of April 21, 1944.

Among the more than 600 civilian deaths caused by the Allied bombing that night, we find more than a dozen Portuguese or Portuguese descendants.

During this period, the Allied bombers were committed in destroying the main infrastructures in French territory to hinder the German reaction during the landing in Normandy that would take place in June of that year. On the night of April 21, the target was the railway complex in the Saint Denis area.

The planes dropped more than 2000 bombs and many hit residential areas. In addition to the 641 civilian deaths, 377 others were injured while more than 15,000 lost their homes.

Carlos Guerreiro 


Note: António Marrucho published part of this information in Luso Jornal, a Portuguese French newspaper based in France. We thank him for his willingness to share it with "Portugal 1939-1945".


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