Dias, Vincent Emanuel

  Civillian residing in Malacca Birth place – Malacca Birth date –  05/04/1890 Death date – 28/01/1953 Father – Emanuel Augustin Dias Mother –Antónia Donilda De Rosa Vincent Dias, was one of 17 accused of anti-Japan espionage, detained and tortured by the Japanese Kempeitai … Read More

Balbino, Jorge

    Civilian living in Belgium Birth place – Tournai, Bélgica Birth date – 20/01/1925 Death date –   Father – Joaquim Balbino Mother – Jorge Balbino was arrested by the Belgian authorities on December 2, 1945, accused of collaborating with the Germans, but … Read More

Pessa, Fernando

    Civilian living in the UK Birth place – Vera Cruz, Aveiro Birth date – 15/04/1902 Death date – 29/04/2002  Father –Adriano Luís de Oliveira Pessa Mother – Maria Betânia Catela de Miranda Pinto Fernando Pessa was the most popular broadcaster … Read More

Costa, Constâncio Roque da

    Civilian living in Belgium Birth place – Margão, Portuguese India Birth date – 1905 Death date –   Father – Bernardo Camilo Costa Mother –Maria Helena Costa Constâncio Roque da Costa was arrested on September 22, 1944 by the Belgian authorities, … Read More