Dias, Vincent Emanuel


Civillian residing in Malacca

Birth place – Malacca
Birth date –  05/04/1890
Death date – 28/01/1953
Father – Emanuel Augustin Dias
Mother –Antónia Donilda De Rosa

Vincent Dias decorated with the Order of the Empire (Knight)
(Photograph by Debra De Souza)

Vincent Dias, was one of 17 accused of anti-Japan espionage, detained and tortured by the Japanese Kempeitai at Outram Road military prison in Singapore. Imprisoned for a year, Vincent was one of those released on December 4, 1944.

In the group of detainees, there were several Euro-Asian soldiers of Portuguese descent and two other Portuguese priests, Reverend Francisco Massano and Alvis Coroado (both deceased due to mistreatment).

Vincent Emanuel Dias survived the war, dying on January 28, 1953.

António Fragoeiro