Ribeiro, Francisco Vicente Vieira



Lieutenant  Hong Kong Volunteers Defence Corps
Unit – 

Birth place  – Hong Kong
Birth date – 04/ 09/ 1902

Death date  – 15/11/1973
Father – Venceslau Francisco Vieira Ribeiro
Mother – Luiza Maria Franco Vieira Ribeiro

Fotografia fornecida por Denis Ribeiro, filho

Francisco Ribeiro during pre-war.
(Photograph by Denis Ribeiro)

Fotografia fornecida por Denis Ribeiro, filho

Prisoner card of Francisco Ribeiro

Coal drawing of Francisco Ribeiro made by another allied prisoner at Sham Shui Po.
(Image by Denis Ribeiro)


Francisco Ribeiro was a volunteer Lieutenant in the Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps.

Born on 4 Setember 1902 in Hong Kong to Portuguese descendants Luiza e Venceslau Ribeiro.

After the japanese conquest of Hong kong was taken to prisoner of war camp of Sham Shui Po.

He survived the war, passing away in 15th November, 1973.

António Fragoeiro