Gouveia, Joaquim



Navio / Ship – Richard Hovey (USA)

Birth place – Unhais da Serra
Birth date – 24/06/1884

Death date – 29/03/1944
Father – 
Mother – 


Joaquim Gouveia died aboard the Richard Hovey where he was a stoker. The ship was sunk in the Arabian Sea on the March 23, 1944, torpedoed by the Japanese submarine I-26.

While the survivors were in the recue boats they were rammed and machine-gunned by the submarine's crew, but must were able to escape alive.

Joaquim Gouveia died when the ship was hit for the first time, killing the men in the engine room, were here certainly was.

The American authorities warned the Portuguese about Joaquim Gouveias's death on May 15, 1944. Although he had already become an American citizen, his only known family member was his sister Eduarda Gouveia, who lived in Unhais da Serra, in the municipality of Covilhã.

The ship belonged to the Sprague Steamship Company of Boston.


Carlos Guerreiro


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