English Podcast

In the Portugal 1939-1945 Podcast you will follow stories related with Portugal during the WWII period.

Here you will hear those who research and can explain what was happening in the country during this historical period, but you will also hear the personal memories or those left to family members and friends.

Podcasts can be in Portuguese or in English without any dubbing or translation. In the case of being only in Portuguese, the graphic image will have the shield of the national flag, while in the case of the English editions, the British flag will also appear, there will be the expression "in English" and an (EN) in front of the episode number.

I want my podcast listeners to access different and quality opinions and information, reason why I intend to interview both Portuguese and foreign protagonists.

As this is an individual work, the possibility of dub the Portuguese editions into English, or the reverse, is impractical. I therefore apologize to those who intend to accompany us but have difficulty in following one or another language.

I welcome a message if you have any stories like these to tell. Please send me a message trough the contact page.

I’m waiting for you…


Ep. 02 – The Duty and the Memory

Teachers Dores do Carmo and Josefa Reis founded a couple of decades ago “Dever de Memória” (Duty of Memory), an initiative that remembers and celebrates Aristides de Sousa Mendes and his intervention in Bordeaux in 1940 when he handed over … Read more

Ep. 01 – João Viegas military service

During his military service, which he carried out between 1942 and 1944, João Viegas traveled the country at the wheel of huge trucks, collecting and transporting to Portuguese military bases the remains of English airplanes that fell all over the … Read more