Ep. 4 – Looking for children lost during the exodus

Inês Fialho Brandão, museologist and responsible for the Memory of Exiles Space, in Estoril, explains the objectives of the project “Where are the children”, an initiative that put 12th grade students looking for the stories of nine minors found in Paris, alone, in amidst the confusion caused by thousands of refugees trying to escape the German advance during the invasion of France.

The starting point was an article published in May 30, 1940 in the magazine “Paris Match” with the title “Les enfants perdus dans l'exode” (The children lost during the exodus) that portrayed the children's stories - four of them babies - in a double page article.

It was to discover their destiny that Inês Fialho Brandão proposed to teachers Cristina Antunes, Paulo Gonçalves, Ana Toulson and students of class F, from the 12th year of the Secondary School Fernando Lopes Graça, da Parede, in the academic year 2019/2020, an investigation which still continues and whose results can be followed on an internet site.

This podcast is in Portuguese.


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