Ep. 06 – Searching for the Uncle who died in Timor

A conversation with Elsa Lemos about her research on her great-uncle Mário Enguiça, an opponent of the Estado Novo exiled to Timor, accused of two bomb attacks in Lisbon. It is believed that he starved to death following the Japanese invasion of 1942.

The story of this great-uncle always fascinated Elsa, who inherited the letters and other documentes that opened a small windows into his life. In recent years she has been investigating the life of this family member with the aim of writing a book.

This podcast is in Portuguese.


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  • If you want to contact Elsa Lemos please sent her one e-mail to HERE.
  • To find a copy from the book "Vida e Morte em Timor durante a II Guerra Mundial”, de José dos Santos Carvalho click HERE.




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