Pacheco Jr., Herman Sousa



Sargent US Army Air Forces
Unit – 

Birth place – Fall River, Mass.
Birth date – 30/09/1919

Death date – 20/09/2002
Father – Herman Sousa Pacheco
Mother – 

Herman Sousa Pacheco

Herman Sousa Pacheco
(Picture: Mundo Gráfico)

The Portuguese-descendant and Technical-Sargeant Herman Sousa Pacheco Jr. was a gunner aboard a US Army Air Force Flying Fortress, where he enlisted on June 3, 1943, aged 23.

For having shot down two German planes, Herman Pacheco was awarded the Air Medal and later also receives the respective "Oak Leaves". The news of the achievements of this Portuguese-American was given in April 1944 by the Portuguese magazine Mundo Gráfica, an information/propaganda publication sponsored by the Allies.

Herman Pacheco survived the war.

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