Moura, Theodore Lewis


Sargento-Mor US Army
Unit –  

Birth place – Arizona
Birth date –  1926

Death date – 13/ 05/1988
Father – Joaquim de Moura
Mother – Filomena de Moura

fotografia do navio Serpa Pinto

Theodore Moura (right)
(photograph by Eric Mattos)

Born in 1926 in the state of Arizona, son of Portuguese parents, Theodore Moura enlisted in the US Army from the state of California. During World War II, he served and fought in the French campaign, being wounded in combat on February 4, 1945.

In door-to-door combat in Colmar, he was the victim of a mortar explosion, which caused him facial injuries and the loss of an eye.

After being discharged from hospital, he returned home and survived the war.

António Fragoeiro



fotografia do navio Serpa Pinto

Drawing of Theodore Moura made by a fellow soldier after being injured in combat
(photograph by Eric Mattos)