Franco, Eduardo Miguel



Private Hong Kong Volunteers Defence Corps
Unit – 6th Company

Birth place  – Hong Kong
Birth date  – 29/ 09/ 1903

Death date  – 29/ 01/1945
Father  – Francisco Eustácio Franco
Mother – Inêz Franco

Fotografia fornecida por Denis Ribeiro, filho-

Grave of Miguel Franco in Yokohama
(Photograph by Michel Nelis)

Fotografia fornecida por Denis Ribeiro, filho-

Prisoner card of Miguel Franco

Miguel Franco was a volunteer soldier in the Hong Kong Volunteers Defence Corps in Hong Kong.

He was born on 29 September 1903 in Hong Kong, the son of the Portuguese Francisco and Inês Franco.

After the Japanese conquest of Hong Kong, he was taken prisoner and sent to the Sendai internment camp, where he died of pneumonia (according to medical report).