Catalina (FP286) had to ditch near Torres Vedras










Santa Rita - Torres Vedras

RAF    210 Sqn

Consolidated Catalina IB       FP286


Gibraltar → Gibraltar


Sgt        J. Holt                   GB

P/O       K. A. Jones            GB

Sgt        N. Beames             GB

F/Sgt     W. Stevenson        GB

Sgt        J. Nash                  GB

Sgt        R. Dixon                GB

Sgt        R.T. Wilson            GB

F/O       K. J. I. Harding      GB

Sgt        F. Cox Hill              GB

Sgt        W. Salt                   GB

The aircraft, from the Gibraltar detachment, was on patrol along the Portuguese coast when it started to lose fuel, and was forced to ditch.

The crew was first interned in a military prison in Peniche (the sergeants) and in houses nearby (the officers).

Nash suffered a sunstroke a couple of days after arrival and was interned in the British Hospital in Lisbon. He returned to England in a BOAC Flight on May 12.

One week after arrival the rest of the crew was sent to Elvas. All were repatriated on May 27.

Coxhill was interned in a hospital after arriving in England where he stayed until June 13.

The Portuguese Navy tried to recover the aircraft and several days were spent in the operation. After many attempts it was possible to rescue it from the beach and take him to the Naval Aviation Center in Lisbon, where it was stationed for several years before being scraped.

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