Wellington (HZ542) landed in Santa Maria da Feira










Santa Maria da Feira

RAF     310 Ferry Unit

Vickers Wellington X     HZ542


Hurn (GB) → Ras-El-Ma (Algeria)


Sgt.    Oliver Frith                  GB

P/O    Leonard King                GB

Sgt.    Kenneth J. Devall         GB

Sgt.    Victor F.E. Simmons      GB

Sgt.    Roy E. Bertram             GB

They exhausted the fuel and decided to land in Portugal after three and a half hours of flight.

They were interned first in Oporto and then in Elvas. On June 26 they arrived in Lisbon and boarded the Sunderland flight from BOAC to Bristol - C-AGE - the next night. The aircraft crashed in Mount Brandon, in Ireland. From the 28 persons on board 10 die on the crash site and another on the next day.

Devall is one of the passengers that died. The rest of the crew were sent to a hospital and stayed there until August and September.

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