Sunderland (DW106) disappeared near Sagres










Cabo de S. Vicente (in the sea)

RAF     270 Sqd

Short Sunderland III    DW106


Pembroke Dock → Gibraltar → Africa


F/O      Vernon Maurice Sparkes                GB 

F/Sgt    Charles Albert Mark Barber           Australia 

F/Lt      John Eric Wood                             GB 

F/Sgt    Frederic Raymond Brown              GB 

F/O      Edward James Jay                         GB 

F/Sgt    Francis Mcphee                             GB 

F/O      Reginald Robert Terance Crump    GB 

F/Sgt    Eric Piggott Botting                       GB 

P/O      Neil Procter Chapman                   Australia 

F/O      Norman Edmond Hanna                 Canada 

Sgt       Stanley Kidd                                  GB 

F/O      Raymond John Elderfield              GB 

Sgt       William Henry Cryer                      GB 

Sgt       William Peter Houston                   GB 

Sgt       Henry Leonard Thompson              GB 

Sgt       Maurice Robert Hunt                     GB 

Sgt       Edmund Albert Hooker                  GB 

Sgt       Samuel Hughes                              GB 

F/Sgt    Leslie Robinson                             GB 

The aircraft took off from Pembroke Dock at 23.45 hours on the 17 December 1943 and went missing on the way to Gibraltar without any further sign.

The only information available about the possible destiny of the aircraft was given by another Sunderland that was following, as it received a distress IFF signal near Cape St. Vincent.

On the same day several researches were made by aicraft that departed from Gibraltar, but no trace of the men or the airplane were found.

The aircraft was temporarily under the orders of 308 FTU and on the way to North Africa to join 270 Squadron.

There were 19 people on board, two complete crews and some other reinforcements for the squadron overseas.

All the men were considered missing in action and are remembered in the Runnymed Memorial.

National Archives of Australia