Liberator (BZ730) damaged by U-boat landed in Lisbon










Portela Airport - Lisbon

RAF       53  Sqn

Consolidated Liberator V     BZ730


Thorney Island → Thorney Island


P/O    Robert Arthur Sharpe           GB

Sgt     Wiliam John Irving                Canada

Sgt     Arnold James Pudifin            Canada

F/O    Robert Emmerson Dobson     GB

Sgt     John Arthur Humphreys        GB

F/O    John Norman Haste               GB

Sgt     John Wildon                          GB

The aircraft was damaged during a combat mission against three U-Boats, near Cape Ortegal, North Spain.

The commander was latter distinguished for his action during the fight that ended with the sinking of the three German units by planes and ships called by him and his crew.

The aircraft stayed probably in the airport and its parts were cannibalized to maintain other B-24’s from the Portuguese Aeronáutica Militar on the air. There ara also some sources assuring that the aircraft was given back to the allies.

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