Horsa (DP824) landed in Ferrel beach near Peniche










Peniche (Ferrel beach)

Royal Army      Glider Pilot Regiment GB     

Airspeed Horsa     DP824


Portreath (GB) → Sale (North Africa)


S/Sgt    G. Gabbott                  GB

Sgt       R. Garnett                   GB

Lt         D. H. Shuttleworth      GB 

They participated in the mission “Beggar/ Turkey Buzzard” and were on the way of Africa to take part of the invasion of Sicily.

The Glider It was being towed by Halifax EB178 when the aircraft suffered a engine fire. The crew tried to throw away the excess weight trough the hatches without result.

When other problems in the aircraft emerged they cast off the glider that was able to land in a beach near Peniche. The crew was repatriated on October 1, 1943, trough a Sunderland Flight from BOAC, with crew of another Glider that had landed before.

Shuttleworth died in combat on August 23, 1944.

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