Flying Fortress YB-40 (42-5737) landed in Lisbon Airport










Portela Airport - Lisbon

USAAF       303 BG/360 Sqn

Boeing YB-40 Flying Fortress        42-5737




Lt.     A. L. Fingerman   USA

1Lt    H.W. Monsky        USA

2Lt    F. N. Mills             USA

2Lt    F. B. Shaffer         USA

Sgt    M. Rosenhech       USA

Sgt    M.L Connie           USA

The reason for this landing is unknown.

The aircraft name was “Dakota Demon” and it served in the well-known “Hell’s Angels” unit. He was in the Lisbon Airport during three days before being transferred to a Portuguese military base by Major Costa Macedo and Sergeant Santos.

The YB-40 was a B-17 reinforced with an extra number of machine guns. It did not carry bombs but had more 14 guns mounted in extra towers build in the plane. The objective was to increasing the firepower of the bomb squadrons when they were flying over enemy territory trying to keep the German fighters away. The allied long range fighters were not in use in the beginning of 1943.

Although the idea was to increase the firepower of the bomber squadrons but was finally a failure because the extra weight of the armored plates, guns and ammunition slowed him down, and he could not follow the other aircraft.

Only around 20 were built before the project was deactivated in the end of 1943 and beginning of 1944.

The final destiny of this aircraft is unknown.

* Arquivo ANA - Aeroportos e Navegação Aérea de Portugal - Lisboa