Engine failure forced B-24 Liberator (42-40937) to land in Lisbon










Aeroporto da Portela - Lisboa

USAAF        Ferry Command

Consolidated B-24D Liberator      42-40937


St. Mawgans (GB) → Casablanca (Marrocos)


Cap     James F. Wiley       USA

Corp    Bernard Janiszki    USA

S/Sgt   Irving H. Taylor      USA

2Lt      William Weiss         USA

2Lt      Thomas De Paolis   USA

One of the propellers broke over the Atlantic, the aircraft lost power and very high vibrations shook the entire plane.

The aircraft started to lose height and the crew had to throw out all they could to become lighter.

When they landed the wing and the engine cowling were filled with holes caused by the sparks that leaped from the broken prop during the many flight hours they had to endure after the failure.

The crew was interned in Caldas da Rainha before being repatriated.

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