Catalina (FP154) crashed in Sagres






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Tonel Bay - Sagres

RAF    210 Sqn

Consolidated Catalina IB       FP154


Gibraltar → Gibraltar


F/O       Martin Joseph French                        GB 

F/Sgt     Robert Joseph Gordon Campbell       GB 

Sgt        Gilbert Joseph Orton                         GB 

F/Sgt     George Tod Wright Gibson                 GB 

Sgt         Cyril Field                                        GB 

Sgt         Ian Lockarbie Maclean                      GB 

Sgt         Ernst Hugh Strathearn Marsh            GB 

Sgt         Eric Mckim                                       GB 

Sgt         Eric Joseph Smith                            GB 

F/O       George Eriksen Mcnaughton             Australia 

The plane, from the squadron's detachment of Gibraltar, was on an anti-submarine patrol.

The day was very cloudy and the aircraft has some problems was in serius difficulties.

The population of Sagres was surprised when the Catalina almost crashed on the village. It was although able to recovering, flying towards the Tonel Bay where it exploded. The few pilot experience and the poor visibility were considered as causes of the crash.

Only the bodies of Orton and Gibson were recovered and they are buried in the cemetery of Sagres.

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