C-47 Skytrain (43-15307) landed in Lisbon Airport










Aeroporto da Portela - Lisboa


Douglas C-47A-80-DL Skytrain    43-15307


Marrakesh → GB


2Lt      Donald C. Auble       USA

Cpl.     Robert W. Madden   USA

2Lt      Henry Curley           USA

2Lt      Lawrence Gold        USA

S/Sgt   Carl J. Bunn            USA

The main tanks exhausted the fuel and the flight engineer did not made the connection to the reserve tanks immediately. As they created vacuum and it was impossible to pump the fuel from one side to the other.

They landed at 05.10 hours in the Portela Airport and the crew was interned in Caldas da Rainha before being repatriated on May 9, 1944.

The aircraft became part of the Portuguese Aeronáutica Militar with the number plate D-1 and latter 250. In 1952 it became part of the FAP (Portuguese Air Force, created on that year) with the number plate 6150.

Auble died on August 11, 1945, in Kumning, China, flying for the CBI (China – Birmania – India) Transport Command from USAAF. He was flying a C-46 that crashed during a flight over the Himalayas.

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