Beaufighter (JM337) landed in Lisbon Airport










Portela Airport -Lisbon

RAF     248 Sqn

Bristol Beaufighter  X       JM337


Portreath (GB) → Gibraltar                                          


F//Sgt     J. R. H. Atkinson   Australia

F/Sgt      J. A. Adams           GB

The take off was around 4.40 hours and already near the Portuguese coast they had trouble with the fuel system, deciding to land in Portugal. All the secret papers were thrown through the hatch into the sea.

At 9.22 hours they landed in the Portela Airport, Lisbon, and tried to destroy the IFF but nothing happened. Latter the British Air attache informed them that the system had no detonator.

Right after the landing they were surrounded by Portuguese military personnel and vehicles. One of those crashed against one of the propellers damaging it.

At 11 hours they were piked up by the assistant air attache from the British Legation, F/Lt. Stow, that transported them to a hotel in Lisbon. On that evening they received civilian clothes that they used in the city until the 23, when they were transported  back to the Airport in order to fly back to the UK. The aircraft in wish they landed was still there.

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