B-24 Liberator (42-40801) on the way to Africa landed in Lisbon










Portela Airport - Lisbon

USAAF     44BG

Consolidated B-24D-100-CO Liberator        42-40801


GB  North Africa


1Lt     Howard W. Metts            USA

1Lt     Robert G. Stamos           USA

2Lt     Donald G. Campell          USA

2Lt     Alfred W. Foisy               USA

Sgt     Thomas S. Kinder           USA

Sgt     Calvin A. M. Millerbis     USA

Sgt     Andrew A. Kowalski       USA

Sgt     Edward Wojcik               USA

Sgt     William F. Morris            USA

Sgt     Herman J. Autry            USA

The aircraft landed in Lisbon Airport at 08.12 hours.

It has been referred by some sources as belonging to the 93th BG, but the entire crew belongs to the 44th BG and in the months after they left the internment in Portugal they made several missions with that unit.

They were on the way to North Africa to participate in the mission “Tidal Wave”, the bombing of the Ploesti oil fields in Romania. Some of the elements mentioned in the crew list are probably ground crew.

On the same day the aircraft was taken to a Portuguese military base by Lt. Oliveira and was latter part of Aeronáutica Militar.

Stamos died in a mission to Bernburg, Germany, on April 11, 1943.

Morris and Woycik became POW’s when flying together on December 1, 1943, in a mission over Solingen, Germany.

Kowalski also became a POW after his plane was shot down in a mission over Langenhagen, Germany, on April 8, 1943.

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