B-24 Liberator (42-40772) landed in Lisbon Airport










Portela Airport- Lisbon

USAAF      389BG/ 564BS

Consolidated B-24D-95-CO Liberator        42-40772


Norte de Africa → GB


 Cap     John T. Blackis        USA

             Joseph Landry       USA

             Robert Perdy          USA

             Ernest George        USA

             David Rosenthal     USA

             Milton Nelson         USA

             Arthur Johnson      USA

             Warren Ware          USA

             Roger Cramer         USA

             Marshal Exnicius    USA

The aircraft was returning from North Africa after being involved in operation “Tidal Wave”, the bombardement of the oilfields of Ploesti, in Romania.  

Several bomb groups from the americans Eight and Ninth Air Forces were involved in the operations. About 170 planes wnet on the mission and abou 50 were shot down. The bombers took of form Líbia on Augist 1, 1943 and made a long way to reach the targets that were well protected . It was one of the most costly individual USAAF mission of the war.

The B-24 had problems with one of the engines and the crew was forced to make the emergency landing in Portela Airport, Lisbon.

The aircraft had the name “Sherazade” and became part of the Aeronática Militar.

There is information stating that the aircraft was bringing also some ground crew, but I still was not able to identified them.

* “Aviões da Cruz de Cristo” – Mário Canongia Lopes
* John T. Blackis family