An Air Marechal ditched in Oporto in a Sunderland (W6065)











RAF   95 Sqn

Short Sunderland  MkIII    W6065


Pembroke (GB) → Gibraltar


Air Marechal    Sir Harold Edward Whittingham    GB

F/Lt                 Daniel Michael M'Carthy            GB

Sgt                  Stanley Edward Hoare                GB

Sgt                  Douglas George Truman              GB

F/ Sgt              Sydney Arthur Shaw                  GB

F/ Sgt              Harry David Meagher                 Canada

F/O                 James Sinclair                           GB

Sgt                  Reginald Arnott                         GB

F/ Sgt              Richard Albert Knott                 GB

F/ Sgt              Roy Laurence Cheeseman         GB

F/O                 Simon Rowan                             GB

F/Lt                 Gordon Young                           GB

They took off from Pembroke around 23.00 hours of the 4th March, 1943.

Because of engine trouble they had ditch in the sea near Oporto around 5.10 in the morning and they were able to keep the plane floating until 7.10 hours in the morning when they were rescued by three rowing boats that transfer them to two bigger fishing vessels.

From there they boarded the pilot ship that took them to port of Leixões, and an hotel from where they called the Embassy. On the evening they were sent to a concentration camp of political prisoners and finnaly on the next day they were escorted to Lisbon by the British air attaché.

They left Portugal on a Clipper flight from BOAC, on the 8th March.

M’Carthy was a passenger and belonged to the 153 Squadron.

On board also as passenger was Marechal of the Air Whittingham, director of the health services from the RAF.

Two French men, not identified, where also on board refered as passengers.

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