An engine failure forced a Beauforth (DW898) to land in Tróia










Troia Beach, Setúbal

RAF     44Group

Bristol Beaufort I    DW898


Portreath (GB)  Gibraltar → Middle East


Sgt      Bernard M´Kenna              Irl

Sgt      Anthony Oscar Corble        Irl

F/Sgt  Raymond Roberts               GB

Sgt      Philip Hulme Douglas         GB

One of the engines stopped and the crew had to land in Tóia, Naer Setúbal, where they burned the aircraft.

After the landing they were approached by a farmer who took them home and gave them a meal. After that they were taken to a place named Comporta where a British landowner lived. They stayed there for two days before following to Setúbal with portuguese officer's. On the next day they went to Lisbon where they stayed for two more days, leaving afterwards to Elvas where tehy spent the rest of the internment.

They returned to GB in April 17.

Douglas went missing in combat on June 11, 1944 flying with the 58 Squadron. He is remembered in the Runnymede Memorial.


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