Sunderland (EJ131) went missing in the Mozambique Channel










Mozambique (in the sea)

RAF    230 Sqn

Short Sunderland         EJ131


Pamanzi island → Pamanzi island 


F/Sgt   Alexander Langlois Butler          GB 

F/Lt     Archibald Mitchell Todd             GB 

F/Sgt    William Robert Lewis                GB 

F/O      Malcolm William McGregor        Canada 

F/Sgt    David Martin Menzies               GB 

Sgt       Charles George Robert Moll      GB 

F/Sgt    George Augustus Ridge            GB 

F/Sgt    William Henry Robjohns          GB 

F/O      Joseph William Sturdy             GB 

The base of the squadron was Dar-es-Salaam, in Tanzania, but the aircraft left for this patrol from Pamanzi, Mayotte Island, around 7.20 hours, and his mission was to escort the HMS Albatross and the HMS Nepal that were on patrol since 19th August 1943.

After five hours the crew had still not found the ships, and they received new coordinates' from the base that pointed the position of the vessels between Mozambique and Madagascar but even then they were not able to find them.

Some time latter there was a distress signal received from the aircraft informing that they would try to make a forced landing in the sea. The position given was between Mozambique and Madagascar.

There were no more news from the plane or the crew although Catalinas and Sunderlands were involved in wide searches the following days.

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