B-17 (42-3294) ditched near Sesimbra










Sesimbra (in the sea)

USAAF          385BG/ 550BS

Boeing B-17F Flying Fortress      42-3294


AAF Station 115 (GB)  → AAF Station 115 (GB)


T/Sgt     Edwin Johnson                    USA

T/Sgt     Hugh Bradford                     USA

S/Sgt     Edward Mcmillen                 USA

S/Sgt     Gordon Akley                      USA

2Lt        Gerhard W. Kirshke             USA

1Lt        Novo Maryonovich              USA

2Lt        Francis A. Stetson               USA

2Lt        William F. Flagler                USA

S/Sgt     Carl E. Williams                  USA

S/Sgt     Thomas J. Armstrong Jr.    USA

The aircraft had the name “Suzane ” and was involved in a mission to bomb Bordeaux in France. Over the Bay of Biscay they had engine problems and had to abandon the formation.

After throwing away all the extra weight, including the weapons, they were afraid of encountering German fighters over the Bay of Biscay, and decided to reach Gibraltar.

Near Sesimbra they went out of fuel and had to land in the sea. The entire crew left without a scratch. They were picked up by fishing boats and delivered to the American Legation that was able to repatriate them on December12, 1943.

* Rich Marionovich (sobrinho de/ nephew from Novo Marionovich)
* Francis Stetson
* Edwin Johnson (diary)
* Missing Aircraft Report - AFHRA, footnote.com