Ep. 14 – Meeting Nazi Lisbon with Sérgio Luís de Carvalho

Sérgio Luís e Carvalho will introduce us to the Portuguese Germanophiles and guide us through their favorite places in Lisbon during World War II.

In addition to visit the cafes, hotels or night clubs they usually used, we will also talk about the magazines, radio stations and other propaganda used by the Germans in Portugal to spread the ideas of Hitler and Nazism.

This podcast is in Portuguese.

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In the streets of Lisbon, countless Portuguese fight in favor of the III Reich. They give the face to the Nazi cause and Hitler's ideas, spys, polemicizes and spread, defend the New Germany, making the Axis victories their own and suffering a lot from their defeats. They will be faithful to the end...

This book takes us on a journey through those years of lead and struggle, taking us to the same places they frequented and that still exist today. This book also exposes us to the newspapers, pamphlets and magazines that they wrote and sold, in which, with great frontality, they use the strongest and most enthusiastic Nazi arguments. In this way, through these men, their action and journey, a new Lisbon appears before our eyes. A Lisbon that discreetly disappeared after the German surrender, but which, however, can still be found if we know where to look. A Lisbon that is still there.

But because the past persists under the patina of time, the reader will also see what of that time and of these men has resisted until today. And there are sure to be many surprises…

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